Deus ex Machina

I love Hollywood movies. They project a surreal world that in which all stories have a happy ending. Whenever the hero seems to be cornered and rapidly heading to his doom, a last-second turn of events allows him to escape. This is deus ex machina. God from the machine. To the rescue. I’m thinking back… Continue reading Deus ex Machina


I like RESTful URLs. They clearly express the intent of the provided resource. We humans speak a language close to REST when we talk to The Internet.  Take a look at Google’s RESTful search query, probably the most used RESTful URL ever: in freeform language this translates to: “Google, search for this term.” How… Continue reading REST is DSL

Mac wars

Oh, that “I’m a Mac” commercial is on the TV again. Then some ugly new ad where some webcam people defend the PCs on behalf of Microsoft: “I’m a PC”. While my brain was tricked into an attempted wash, I realized that I’m not any of it.I’m a human being. I’m not trying to help… Continue reading Mac wars


I’ve considered myself a Java guy (that’s before I recently started with Ruby). I’ve stumbled upon Java in 1998 and fell in love with it at first sight. I remember quite crisply my first encounter of the third kind with Hello World. But I confess, I only learned about java.lang.Void yesterday. I was digging through… Continue reading java.lang.Void

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OK, starting… now

I wanted for a while to start blogging but pretended to be busy or actually being too tired of working long hours in front of my laptop to actually start writing about things. But now the time has come. Or something.

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