Five years of weather in a timelapse

This has been a long time coming, five years actually. Spincloud went live in January 2009 and I’ve added the temperature heatmap overlay a few months later. The heatmap and the corresponding map overlay is generated once an hour and it’s been faithfully doing so for six years. It does it by first generating an… Continue reading Five years of weather in a timelapse

Spincloud, now with worldwide forecast

In my constant search for free weather data for Spincloud, a short while ago I have found a gem: free forecast data offered by the progressive Norwegian Meteorologic Institute. The long range forecast coverage is fairly thorough and covers most more than 2700 locations worldwide. I am happy to announce that I have extended… Continue reading Spincloud, now with worldwide forecast

New Spincloud feature: heat map overlay

It took a while since the previous feature update to Spincloud. I have done a number of upgrades to the underlying tech and some intensive code refactoring but nothing visible. The time has come for another eye candy: heat maps. It is a map overlay that shows a color-translated temperature layer based on interpolated values… Continue reading New Spincloud feature: heat map overlay

@Meteo_alarm twitter stream now available

  =   Update Nov.25.2009: The twitter name has changed to @meteo_alarm. Please update your bookmark or follow list. Between code refactoring and cooking new ideas, I took some time to add a new feature to Spincloud. Inspired by the crowd-sourced weather updates triggered by really bad snow storms in the UK, I (finally) started to see the… Continue reading @Meteo_alarm twitter stream now available